Mark Giannini shows us around the special wine dinner they planned for the lenten season.

You see a lot of customers that have been with us throughout the years and a lot of newbies. The pasta course this evening is a giant tortellini filled with ground veal, beef and served in a cognac cream sauce with fresh porcini mushrooms and braised leeks. To kick off the entree we have a six ounce Filet Mignon served with a parmigiano reggiano crust and a homemade demi-glace with asparagus, wrapped prosciutto bundles and roasted potato wedges.

Heritage Wine Cellars actually flew in Paolo Bresan, to talk about these wines from the Alto Adige region and the pairing is to the tee. We do these wine dinners every other month. We want to get people involved, but if we did them every month they wouldn’t be so special.