Mastro’s Steakhouse was a family-owned restaurant, founded in Scottsdale in 1999. In 2007, Mastro’s Restaurants, LLC in Woodland Hills, CA acquired the Scottsdale-based restaurant group. Mastro’s Restaurants is led by a team of highly motivated and detail oriented management who strive for excellence in guest service, finest quality food and distinct ambience, setting Mastro’s apart from other restaurant groups.

The original Mastro`s Steakhouse in north Scottsdale remains the template for all subsequent restaurants – Mastro`s City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale, Mastro`s Ocean Club, a chic fish house with locations in Las Vegas, NV, Scottsdale, AZ and Newport Beach, CA and eight additional Steakhouse locations in Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks, Costa Mesa, Malibu, Palm Desert, CA, Chicago, IL, New York City, NY and their newest location in Washington D.C. Although each restaurant possesses unique design elements, all exhibit commonality in their goals: to provide every guest with a truly memorable experience.

Proper Attire is Required