Our Mongolian Herbal Broth comes from an ancient legend… In the time of the Nomads, there lived a Monk who traveled with Mongolian armies in the Chile Valley, northern part of China. He was highly respected because of his extensive knowledge of medicine and astrology, as well as his leadership and ability to care for injured soldiers. Proficient in Tibetan and Mongolian medicine, he made a broth from lamb with special herbs for the soldiers. Not only did it taste delicious, it greatly strengthened the soldier’s bodies and helped them conquered the world.


Later on, the recipe became popular among Nomads in the area. Since that time, his hotpot broth has been a favorite of the Mongolian people and has been respected as a “sacred” soup for thousands of years. Our recipe for Hotpot Broth inherited from the Sacred Broth. It embodies traditional Chinese cooking methods based on nutrition, using Chinese herbs such as astragalus, liquorice, desert cistanche, sand- shallot seeds, and others to enhance the flavor and rejuvenate the body.


As you savor our broth, we hope you taste the rich flavors of China’s ancient heritage and are filled with the strength of the nomadic warriors. Enjoy!